Pelle Schilling

LongStringInstallation, 2023

The LongStringInstallation explores the acoustic qualities of long piano strings, taking inspiration from Ellen Fullman’s “Long String Instrument” and Alvin Lucier’s “Music for a long thin wire”

The installation consists of three acoustic chambers, strung inbetween the chambers and the surrounding trees are 10-30 meter long steel piano strings. The strings are being vibrated by a feedbackloop between electromagnets and electromagnetic sensors, creating a base tone. When the trees move in the wind the tension in the string varies, this variation in tension results in variation in tone. 

Visitors are invited to lay down on the acoustic chamber and enter it with their heads. Whilst gazing at the sky and treetops through an opening they listen to a composition created by the interplay between the strings, trees and wind.


Special thanks to:
Jelle van den Brink
Valentijn de Vriese

Listen to quality audio:


Headphones are advised